smartPanel is a WordPress plugin created by realsmart that helps keep all of your important apps and links easily accessible.

When smartPanel is active a toolbar will appear across the top of your website that shows your school logo, school name, and a login form.


When a user is logged in to the website the toolbar is transformed into an easy to use hub for all your important apps and links.


To configure smartPanel follow these steps:

1.) In your WordPress dashboard navigate to smartPlugins > smartPanel to view the smartPanel configuration page.


2.) The first thing you’ll want to do is toggle what default apps you’d like to display.


3.) After that, you’ll want to select a separate set of custom links to display for your staff and students. (We’d recommend creating two link categories beforehand called Staff Apps and Student Apps)


4.) Once you’re all done configuring your options just hit Save Changes and you’re good to go!